National Open Data Day

Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon

The Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon is a not-for-profit locally owned and operated race weekend that consists of a marathon, half marathon, team relay, 5k and kid’s fun run. The race was established in 2016 when our founding partners came together with the mindset of creating a professional event that would have a positive impact and benefit the local community.  For National Open Data Day 2019,  the City of Chattanooga Office of Performance Management and Open Data pulled together publicly available historic results and partnered with the Erlanger Marathon to pull in live updates to 2019 data as well.  Below are the results.

Year Over Year Results - Pace
Year Over Year Results - Overall Time

Year Over Year Pace by Gender

Below is a chart of the average pace by gender for the Marathon.

Year Comparison by Age

The graph below shows the average pace for each age band at each year shows there is a steady increase in average pace time starting after age band 35-39.

15K Rank vs Overall Rank

Is your 15K Rank a strong predictor of your overall rank?  That turns out to be the case when your 15K rank is in the top 100 or last 50.  Another interesting data point is there seems to be outliers that have a top 15K rank that then significantly drop in overall rank.

Distribution of Overall Times

Below is a distribution of all Runners' Overall Times for the Marathon.  There is a slight skew to the right.

View Your History

Use the visuals below to look up your previous Pace and Overall times.

Chattanooga Half Marathon

Chattanooga 5K